Financial Aid

Wilton Children’s Theater, Inc. (WCT) desires that every eligible Wilton child, regardless of a family’s financial status, be afforded the opportunity to participate in a WCT production. For a child to receive a waiver or reduction of registration fees, the family needs to submit a request for consideration for financial aid. Written documentation supporting the necessity of the request may be required in the discretion of WCT. Any family may request consideration for financial aid by writing to:

Wilton Children’s Theater, Inc.
P.O. Box 100
Wilton, CT 06897



For timely consideration, the request must be received by noon on or before the following dates for the 2017/2018 production schedule:

September 7, 2017 – for the Fall and Winter Productions
March 31, 2018 – for the SummerStage Productions

For situations where a child is added to a show after the above dates, a request for consideration for financial aid must be submitted immediately after the offer is made to permit additional consideration.

All requests will be kept confidential and the review of supporting documentation will be limited to the Treasurer and the President of WCT.

The President and Treasurer will make determinations on whether applicants are eligible for financial aid, and generally whether such scholarships will be full or partial. Their discretion shall permit them to award up to 4 scholarships for each show (Fall, Winter, SummerStage and Summerstage Jr.). If more than 4 qualified applicants exist for any show, the President and Treasurer shall present the situation to the Board for review and decision. It is WCT’s general policy that families may receive scholarships for more than one child. It is generally not WCT’s policy to permit payment plans. If a child has already received a scholarship for a Fall or Winter production, and again applies for a scholarship for a Summer production, the Treasurer and President will have discretion to award a partial scholarship instead of full, based primarily whether there are other applicants for scholarships for Summer productions that would cause the total number to exceed 4 scholarships.

This policy shall go into effect as of September 1, 2016.